Where did the name PHERAH come from?

Poti-Pherah or Potiphar (/ˈpɒtɪfər/) is a person known from the Book of Genesis' account of Joseph. Potiphar is said to be the captain of the palace guard.

Business Philosophy 

The philosophy of PHERAH is to continuously carry out technological innovations and solve problems in various industries. Our easy-to-use technology platforms itself on the user experience as the core of our brand identity. We started PHERAH® because we strive to make each individual’s device a state-of-the-art. Along the way, We want innovative products to inspire and empower us with outstanding outcomes. The edge of the various industries has been modern science. PHERAH® has taken it as a way to improve products' beauty and richness. We explore, experiment and invent great products to give our consumers the best experience.

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out.
We want our customers to be fully satisfied with every product purchased from PHERAH®.

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